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CEO Shuji Morimoto

Contributing to world health with the world's first continuous vaccine lyophilization technology

It has been two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, but the end of new infections is still far from sight. One of the main troubles slowing vaccination is failures with distribution because of limits of the cold chain and cold storage.
MII is currently commissioning a continuous lyophilization plant that will be able to produce lyophilized vaccines using its world-first formulation technology. This technology will greatly ease the management of vaccine distribution & storage, reduce vaccine wastage, and reduce energy and shipping costs.
In order to achieve this, we are gathering strong partners from a variety of fields who will help support us to get our plant up and running.
If you are interested in helping us achieve our goal, please contact us.
Together, we can implement innovations in vaccine development and manufacturing that will help end COVID-19 and deliver vaccines to the world!

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our continuous freeze-drying technology had already been developed and patented by the time the COVID-19 pandemic struck. When the initial COVID-19 vaccines were approved in late 2020, we began to investigate using our technology for the lyophilization of vaccines.
This technology makes it possible to produce vaccines that can be stored and transported at room temperature with efficiency several times higher than traditional methods.
We look forward to hearing from interested vaccine manufacturers.

Corporate Identity


We are committed to the development of pharmaceutical formulations
that bring health and happiness to people around the world through
our unique creativity and reliable technology.


Challenge technological innovation and contribute to society

Innovation Path

Respect our colleagues, deepen trust with our business partners
and shareholders, and spread valuable technology to the world

Group Company

Morimoto-Pharma Group is preparing to begin the production of lyophilized COVID-19 vaccines at the end of 2022.
MII Ltd. obtained patent approval for our continuous lyophilization equipment in October of 2020 and is engaged in the R&D of lyophilized formulations.
MS-Pharma Co., Ltd. utilizes this continuous lyophilization technology to manufacture both clinical trial supplies and pharmaceuticals for full-scale production.
In addition to its already existing business, Morimoto-Pharma cooperates with its subsidiaries regarding the manufacturing of lyophilized COVID-19 vaccines and general powder vaccine data management.

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