Company Profile

Company name MII Ltd.
Representative CEO Shuji Morimoto
Established May, 2010
Capital 661 million yen
Office 5-8-28 Mitejima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 555-0012
TEL (Japan) +816-6476-5572
FAX (Japan) +816-6476-5573
Business R&D, licensing, consulting, and contract manufacturing regarding pharmaceutical production equipment, related equipment, monitoring technology, and medical instruments. Production, sales, and importing/exporting.
Main Bank The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.

Representative Shuji Morimoto Career

Mar 1982 Graduated from Kyoto University of Engineering department of chemical Engineering
1982-2000 Formulation Research Laboratories, Takeda Pharmaceutical (Over 70 patents applications): Injectables (10 years), Solid Dosage Forms (5 years), New formulation R&D (3 years), worked on 10 products (Takepron OD tablet, Lupron Depot, Alinamin EX, Pansporin, etc.)
2000-2002 Plant Manager, Takeda (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical (Director of Tianjin Japanese Association 2001-2002)
2002 General Manager, Kawata (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Division
2005 Morimoto Pharma & Morimoto (Tianjin) International Trading Co., Ltd. Established (over 40 patent applications)
Lyophilization Experience
  • Hormone injections (Lupron: Takeda)
  • Vaccines (DPT) and other biopharmaceuticals
  • Antibiotics

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